Why Is KWallet So Annoying?

Does anyone else think KWallet is a first class annoyance?

I like the idea of a password manager. But, once I set you up, don’t ask me for a password every time you want to deliver my password to some app or website. That’s what I want you to do, not pester me incessantly with password requests.

A password manager is supposed to allow me to avoid typing in my passwords all the time. Rather defeats the purpose if the password manager won’t do that without first demanding I type a password.

On a related issue, KDESu ignores the “remember password” option. And, tonight, it’s just crashing.

Not sure how to get you out of the corner you painted yourself in by tuning off kwallet, but you can avoid the kwallet nag if you simply set it up without a password. ie just a blank. The idea is to have one password that manages many passwords in the case of WIFI one each for each WIFI site.

It does not here. It asks once after I log in (when needed) and then stays open until a log off. But may be you configured it different (right-click on the icon line in the popup applet in the panel). There are many possibilities to configure when it must be closed.

You can configure kde-wallet to stay open. That way, you are asked for the password once per login session. You will also be occasionally prompted whether to allow a particular application to access kde-wallet. But that should only happen once per application, and be remembered across logins.

Personally, I use firefox for browsing and use the firefox password manager. I do have that setup to encrypt passwords, but that’s only once per browser session.

I do use kwallet, but on setup I just don’t enter a password for kwallet itself. This blanks out the security part, I know, but otherwise thinks like wireless connection wait for the password to be entered. Without the password, the wireless connection is available by the time the desktop appears.