Why is KNetworkManager different?

Hi all,

my KNetworkManager (0.7r821737-0.1) does not look like the one here:

Projects/KNetworkManager - openSUSE

It has no ‘options’, no ‘connect to other wireless networks’ etc. Did I do something wrong? My version does not automatically scan wireless networks and does not reconnect to known networks… any tips more than welcome!

Thanks a lot!

– dimitris

depends on your SuSE version. the screen-shot you have posted looks like SuSE 10.1/3. What version you using ?


Hi Andy,

thanks for the reply - sorry for not mentioning the version: it’s OpenSUSE 11.0 with KDE 4.0. What’s the strangest of all is that I don’t get any options and no way to configure reconnecting and probing for active wireless networks…

Thanks a lot!


Yes the new KNetworkManager it’s little weird but it’s working really good , and u can scan for new wireless networks …

Right-Click over the “KNetworkManager” system tray >> New Connection…>> “point your wlan card” …now will aper a little window with all wireless networks available to you, choose the one u want and …click “Next” follow the instructions the last configuration u will see the “Autoconnect” option…

click “Connect & Save” it’s done…

Good luck

Hi eroskoller,

thanks for all the help! In the mean time I managed to figure it out myself, by reading the GUI flaws reported here:

obso1337.org » Expert Review of KNetworkManager 0.7

I have to say the GUI is kind of counter intuitive… This is on my wife’s laptop, she has little to do with Linux… guys, to compete with Vista, give the software you write to your IT illiterate wives to test! :smiley:

Thanks a lot!

– dimitris

I agree, it works well and it’s more comfy, but I’d like it to have some options from the “old” one, like showing wireless networks on right-click or showing IPs on left-click (or mouse hover, uhm, that’d be nice :)).
Maybe in next version…