Why is java filling up the update repo?

Hello to all

The update repo for openSuSE-11.1 has by now reached a volume of 3952924k for i586 rpm’s. Of this space 910492k is used for java-*.rpm’s. That’s 23% of the whole diskspace used.

Why are there 216 packages within a short time? I really don’t understand this release policy. To me it seems a waste of bandwidth. Anyone having some insight?

There are multiple versions of Java available, 1.5, 1.6, openJDK, each of them need to be patched whenever certain vulnerability fixes or stability/bug fixes are pushed out, also there’s javadocs, java src files etc. If you have an issue with the update repository size, only mirror the delta updates.

On that note, my local Service Update System for Windows is pushing 400GB+ on updates for 2k, XP, Vista and their respective server versions + various office suites and additional software so the update directories of SuSE are pretty insignificant in the long run :slight_smile: