Why is GNOME Weather being included with broken locations?

For over a year, GNOME Weather has been unable to set locations outside of major cities. I know years ago selecting less-major cities was no problem, and today it can still work with someone else’s script.

I don’t know what GNOME is doing about the development of that, but I’m now curious as to why openSUSE is including it by-default with GNOME? Weather out-the-box leaves a persistent notification to select a location regardless if it’s ever opened, and it’s basically a broken app without being able to select a reasonable location (I don’t want the Weather from a town over an hour away).

I don’t believe it should be included by-default.

Alternatively, what’s the best way to remove or disable it? I feel like removing and package locking it is a bit much, but maybe there’s a gsettings to disable the notification for it?

I don’t know for sure, but there’s probably either a lack of awareness of the issue, or a thought that “some coverage is better than none”. Keep in mind that the forums are generally not staffed by developers, so we can’t speak to development decisions.

I observed this as well, but as I have a weather station here at my home, as well as Google Assistant, Amazon Echo, and a couple apps on my phone and tablet, I’ve never been too bothered by it.

This script is very useful for adding your location, city to GNOME Weather…


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