Why is GNOME missing features?

I have openSuse v11 with Gnome. I prefer gnome to kde.

From the desktop I should be able to click restart and then select what OS I want to restart in without having to use the grub.

Where is this feature? or How do I get it?


Arukas that is still NOT descriptive enough… but thanks for making a better effort this time. If it were me, I would have posted a title like:
Gnome: How-to selectively restart direct to other OS after reboot?

Also, that wiki I gave you does EXACTLY what you want, but not via a GUI.

Reboot from CLI to selective partitions - openSUSE

How is this not descriptive enough? I am should be able to restart into windows from the suse desktop without using the grub?

If you don’t know what this feature is, do you even use Suse? Its the first thing I notice that makes suse different from other distros when I tried it a while back ago.

Arukas I have used that wiki instruction to restart from an openSUSE Gnome desktop to windows via a reboot.

Your title says: Why is GNOME missing features?

Are you intending to address all the Gnome / KDE differences in this thread, or just your specific problem?

You say you SHOULD be able to do this withou using the grub. That’s a great
assertion…seems that you are the first one to make it.

So, we have a rule around here: The first person to think of a new feature,
gets to implement it. Let us know when your programming skills are up
to the task. *



Why isn’t reading a thread entirely before replying not a rule?

I stated that you could already do it in Suse. Its the thing that set it apart from other distros when I first tried different flavors of Linux out.

I’d be checking your testing skills first before asking about my programming skills. Reading things first is kinda of a must.

Your title for this post is not descriptive at all. It reads like something that should be in the soapbox section where people can rant about stuff they dislike. Experts scrolling through, looking to answer questions that people have about Applications are more likely to ignore the thread because there is no way they can tell that you’re asking how to restart into another OS without using grub. I only opened the thread because I was expecting an entertaining rant about gnome.

Also, when you attack a member with over a thousand posts who spends a lot of his time on here helping people, it really does make people not want to help you.

With that said, I don’t use gnome. I know the feature has existed in opensuse’s kde since 10.something days, so I expected it would be in gnome as well. Maybe a gnome user can chime in… if they happen to click on the post while looking for entertainment.

Oh great a cronie.

Your just a cronie who’s just going to stand behind your leader. Your sad. Now I have an off-topic conversation on my thread thanks to you.

If you really wanted to help there’s this thing called private messages, try it out. Instead of trying to act like you have a pair.

If you truly was trying to humble me, solving the issues would of made you look better than a cron. As for having so many post, look your a senior member acting like a little kid trying to say your better than me.

Nice Try.

I have openSuse v11 with Gnome. I prefer gnome to kde.

From the desktop I should be able to click restart and then select what OS I want to restart in without having to use the grub.

Where is this feature? or How do I get it?


Wow, aren’t you a little touchy. You asked how your post wasn’t descriptive. If you had actually read oldcpu’s initial post, rather than selectively reading, you would have seen that he was saying your title wasn’t descriptive. I elaborated on that. That’s how it works on any online forum - people will read posts with titles they find interesting and yours says nothing about your problem.

Humble you? Seriously… what are we in? Grade school? Sixty odd posts hardly count as senior member, but you know, if you say I’m better than you, who am I to disagree. They’re your words, not mine. And why would I want to PM you. This is a public forum, not a private messaging service.

I have openSuse v11 with Gnome. I prefer gnome to kde.

From the desktop I should be able to click restart and then select what OS I want to restart in without having to use the grub.

Where is this feature? or How do I get it?


For some reasons, I can’t easily see the flow of topic and it seems everyone names starts with coo. My apologies if I sound confusing. Also I don’t mean to attack, but I do bite when I think I get pooked.

Cool it guys please. This is a help forum.


Arukas, why don’t you put a custom icon on your desktop to do this?

Before you create the icon, you need to “determine” what parameter you use for the “grubonce” command.

To do that, in an xterm, type “su” and then type “grubonce”. You will get something like this example:

oldcpu@stonehenge01:~> su
 stonehenge01:/home/oldcpu # grubonce
 0: SUSE Linux 10.1
 1: Windows
 2: Floppy
 3: Failsafe -- SUSE Linux 10.1 

That tells you that to reboot to Windows, you will need to type “grubonce 1” and then “shutdown -r now”.

So simply create an icon on your desktop, that will run with root permissions, and the command will be “grubonce 1 && shutdown -r now”

Your grubonce command may be different as you may have “2” or “3” or someother number.

My reference for this is the URL that I gave you already:
Reboot from CLI to selective partitions - openSUSE

but I am thinking now you were not able to realize that I gave you all the information you needed (from my previous post) and you could not see how to change that to a simple icon.

Either through the gui “end session” or just Ctrl+Alt+backspace will get you to the option where you can start another session and choose a different DT.

(why not just help the guy without teaching him a lesson ?)

I have good reasons not to want the icon. I know I could set the script up, but I do not want to do that at all. One reason, is you have to log into use the script. You should be able to restart without logging in.

Also, I found out what I was told was inncorrect, its not a GNOME or KDE issuse. Apparently its a problem with Suse.

Suse use to have this feature and apparently its not here any more.

I am very shock that people don’t know how to do this. When I did it, it was as easy as restarting you computer.

RedDwarf found it over in the parallel thread on the same issue:
Post-Installation - Page 4 - openSUSE Forums

Why is GNOME missing features?

This is by design

We have a thread winner.

I’d say it’s a gnome issue considering I use it in kde4. It’s in kde3 as well - you click on the Shutdown dropdown arrow and choose the OS you want to log in to. I actually just installed gnome this morning specifically to search for the feature and it is not there.