Why Hungarian and Hebrew?

It makes sense that German is a separate site, because there are a lot of German speaking SUSE users. But I’m thrown by Hungarian being subsumed into this one, and Hebrew being the only link.

Not that I have anything against our Hungarian and Hebrew speaking fellow SUSE users - more power to them. But Hebrew and Hungarian would not have been my second or third (or fourth or fifth…) guesses as to where the demand is. Is this just a coinkydink, or is there some cultural connection with SUSE or with KDE that I’m not aware of?

I suppose French is fairly well sown up by Mandriva, and I know of a few Chinese distros - so maybe that’s it… There are less populous languages / cultures that don’t necessarily sustain their own distros / forums, so they ‘fall through the cracks’, as it were, and end up joining up with the larger ones.

Pure idle curiosity, but anyone got any thoughts?

> Pure idle curiosity, but anyone got any thoughts?

need and market size probably played a role, but i’ll guess it had a
lot to do with the Hungarian/Hebrew speaking persons who volunteered
to do the translations, be monitors, care and feed the forum critters,
herd the cats and etc…

and, i’d guess that those persons were previously known to the “SUSE
community” as trustworthy, level headed, able to uphold the brand,
technically competent, have available time and desire, etc etc etc…

at least, if i were King of openSUSEland, i’d make sure of their
credentials and have a reasonable certainly that the branches grew the

perhaps they have a long history with Novell or SuSE as employees…


Because there are enough users and developers to support them.

Perhaps just a coincidence then.

Still, I have heard people say that there are more KDE users in Europe, and more Gnome users in America. If that’s true, I suppose that would slant openSUSE towards European languages.

And Israel is in Eurovision, which is terrible luck, but for my purposes close enough. :slight_smile:

Because we had German and Hebrew forums that wanted to partner with us,
and we had Hungarian moderator that was willing to staff the Hungarian
forum and work within our structure. It all comes down to what people are
willing to volunteer for.

Kim (9/9/2009 4:37:13 PM Mountain)

Ok - thanks all.