Why getting this popup? Repository Signature Required

Why am I getting this popup? Is this safe? What’s the “dummy” part?

This came up right when I started my computer up.

kde_popup on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

I accepted it and now I’m getting:

KDE_4_Community: |] Valid metadata not found at specified URL(s)

What does this mean? How do I fix it?

Go to Yast-> Software repositories and refresh all repositories. When you refresh them you will be asked to import the signature. When you accept it you won’t be bothered from this message anymore.

…i’m getting the same thing.

…didnt feel right at first. feels like an invasion.

i told it yes,and my updater said there was an error.
…a few minutes later, the laptop shut off completely out of the blue. it wasnt a shutdown, it just turned off as if i held the power button.

…feels like i’ve been invaded. but i thought linux was a safe box

We’ve generated separate keys for KDE:Community, KDE:KDE4:Community and KDE:KDE4:Playground projects. The reason is that these repositories are maintained by community members as well as Novell employees on the KDE Team.

This gives these repos a different trust level and having a separate key gives these projects a different package Vendor and that gives you more control over when different versions of a package get installed. In addition you can use the signing key to assure yourself that a package really came from the project it says it did.

The cost is a one time nasty warning like you experienced.



Thank you for the explanation. I was also wondering about this. :\

…the cost for me has been getting that nasty warning everytime i connected to the network, whether i clicked “yes” or not…
…i just disabled the repo, although it was initially enabled for a reason…