Why Dolphin over Konqueror?

I have been pretty happy with OpenSuSE 11.x and KDE 4.x, but I have to wonder about the decision for the desktop to prefer Dolphin over Konqueror.

The big advantage of Konqueror is that it browses file system and the internet, making the connection between by desktop and the web seamless. I type google.com into Dolphin and I get “Invalid protocol”.

With Konqueror, I can view pictures or text in the very same application. Granted, it uses other applications (i.e. GwenView/Kate underneath), but it is within the same window. Dolphin opens a new window.

Here’s the main point. With Konqueror, I have an application that views my file system, the internet, pictures, and text, and it does so seamlessly. I even get an editable toolbar by default. Dolphin seems to be a step backward in these respects.

So, obviously I’m missing something. What is it that makes Dolphin better?

You can easily switch K to default file manager
I use both equally and agree with some of your points

Decision seems to have been made early in KDE 4’s life-cycle. IIRC, at that time Dolphin had the looks and simplicity that appealed to KDE4 decision makers while Konqueror was about function. So the answer to your question is probably “style over substance”, and an expectation on functional improvements to come. Dolphin slowly improved and now you have the choice.

Thanks for reminding me that Konqueror is still around, haven’t used it in ages, so I shall now give it a re-try and decide if still appeals. :slight_smile:

On Thursday 04 Nov 2010 16:36, sadastronaut scribbled:

> So, obviously I’m missing something. What is it that makes Dolphin
> better?

For me, it was the fact that Konqueror4 was extremely dangerous and, if I
moved to KDE4, I needed a safe file manager. I’m still finding the
occasional file/folder in completely the wrong location because of that old
Konqueror bug. Goodness knows what files I lost though they couldn’t have
been too important as I haven’t missed any.

As to the reason for the “corporate decision” to introduce a new file
manager, I’ve no idea. Perhaps if all the development work had gone into the
old manager instead of diverting some into inventing a new one, Konqueror4
wouldn’t have been such a mess.

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my preference is konqueror4 because i’m constantly using the embedded viewers/editor/kio-locate/etc… it has the benefits of a swiss army knife and a huge timesaver for me.

having said that, since konqueror4 is also a web browser, i can see some logic in moving to a file manager the doesn’t expose powerful file management abilties to potential malware in the wild. This is complicated further because of the desire to provide webkit vs khtml which means new unproven code.

my 2cents.

Still, the CLI is celever:

henk@boven:~> ls -l Y*
-rw-r--r-- 1 henk wij 23514 nov  4 21:04 Y.gif
-rw-r--r-- 1 henk wij 23514 nov  4 21:04 Y.jpeg
-rw-r--r-- 1 henk wij 23514 nov  4 21:06 Y.odt
-rw-r--r-- 1 henk wij 23514 nov  4 21:04 YYY
henk@boven:~> file Y*
Y.gif:  JPEG image data, JFIF standard 1.02
Y.jpeg: JPEG image data, JFIF standard 1.02
Y.odt:  JPEG image data, JFIF standard 1.02
YYY:    JPEG image data, JFIF standard 1.02

These are all copies from with the same contents, only the name differs. Take a JPEG image and do some cp statements to create similar. The file tool sees what they are. Now try both Dolphin and Konqui on them. rotfl! (Both of course in Detail view and file type column switched on.)

A lot depends on your usage. If you do more file management or prefer to keep file management and web browsing separate, then Dolphin avoids the compromises involved in trying to do both. As it happens my work involves rapid alternation between files and material on the web; so Konqueror is more useful to me.

And Konqueror shows the picture in no time, where Dolphin starts Gwenview which first gives the bouncing icon before it shows (about 1.5 secs). And when you then click another one a new Gwenview! Fills up the desktop rather soon :frowning:

:smiley: That looks like a solution looking for a problem.

Maybe, but sometimes I wonder why tools like Konqui and Dolphin do not use the same methods as file: make an intelligent guess based on magical numbers in stead of looking at the last dot in a filename and the characters that follow it.

Today I made a typo and got a filename ending in* .jpegg* Then I wanted to open it with the GIMP. It was NOT in the list of files in the Open File window. I went to the CLI and did an* ls -l*. It was there, but I still did not see the gg. Then I used file to see if it realy was a JPEG. It was! Then somehow I saw the gg and repaired. GIMP was satisfied.

Tried Konqueror. Good enough, but missed the old ability to hover cursor over a file to display its details. Came to similar conclusion as:

But, Dolphin’s silly (another solution looking for a problem) default need to preview and play video files slowly, and this:

Will at least use Konqueror for above features, when needed. :wink:

I am adjusted to using Dolphin for most everyday things now. I use Konqueror with the preview settings disabled to delete excess files on my backup drive so thumbnails are not created. I also use it with show hidden files so I can get to .mozilla cache and delete the files in there on my backup drive. I use it to navigate around / and do things. So I say both are good but they have different strong points. Dolphin is just integrated into KDE4 much better.

With kde4.5 you have the option of using khtml OR webkit for Konqueror (like rekonq?). Maybe that will give a boost back to Konqueror.

I’ve given up with Dolphin and Konqueror.
They made Konqueror too much like Dolphin IMHO,
and Dolphin is rubbish. Crashes constantly, extremely slow
to populate especially on network drives.

Using Thunar these days.