Why doesn't YAST obey theme / colour settings?

I can’t seem to get YAST to obey my colour settings. It insists on using a bluey purple selector bar and also paints a purple border around the selected window pane.

I’ve chosen my colour scheme to look more like SUSE’s green theme but can’t get YAST to conform. I’ve set GTK styles to use KDE style in GTK apps. The bluey purple colours don’t exist in my desktop colour settings so I have no clue where they are being picked up. Any clues? It’s really bugging me.

Since Yast and all it’s apps are always running through ‘kdesu’ they run as root. I suppose the changes should be made as root. Try this in a terminal window:
kdesu systemsettings
This gives you the systemsettings program for user root. Try making changes here and see what they do to your Yast.

Oh thanks man. That did the trick. :slight_smile:

I think to expect the window decorations and colours to not carry over into apps that run as root.

Happy now.