Why does Virtualbox allways want to install during update?

I use Virtualbox at work on my LEAP 15, but at home i don’t need Virtualbox.
Every time i run system update, it install Virtualbox. I remove Virtualbox and next time i run system update, its back again.

Why do Virtualbox get installed on my Tumbleweed?

Maybe you have one of the virtualbox components installed that requires it…?

zypper se -i virtual

If something in the above list related to virtualbox, then remove it…

I suggest that you uninstall it. And then lock it, so that it stays uninstalled.

To lock, you can use “zypper al” (and check the man pages). Or, I find it easier to use Yast Software Management. With Yast, right-click on package and select the option to lock it (or block or taboo – I think the name has changed recently, but you will recognize it).

System update? How?