why does the new kernel has the lp?

the new kernel for leap 15.0 has this lp after the usual name
manythanks :slight_smile:

It shows the build Target: l(ea)p15(.)0

I don’t know why, but I presume that “lp150” stands for “Leap 15.0”. Presumably it is a useful distinction at OBS (open build system).

it’s not just the kernel all leap 15.0 packages have lp150 after the version number
for example the current firefox from the update repo is
I’m not sure what 3.11.1 stands for it’s too complex to be the build number
it’s a change from the previous naming scheme which is still in use in TW as the current Firefox is
where 61.0.1 is the version number and 1.1 is the build number