Why does the linux community always vouch for this one distro and when the distro does a change or a simple mistake, they rant and say that they're going to switch like its the end of the world

@larryr is just one person. Most people here are taking the possible changes in stride, and are willing to try out whatever comes next before deciding what to do.

Which is fine, and true, but it doesn’t mean any individual gets a platform to spread misinformation, unchallenged, when there are so many sources out there, official ones, that show their claims to be incorrect.

I am Leap user on a Desktop and a Laptop. I am NOT a developer although that is what I used to do in the distant past. I come from a mainframe background where I supported systen-level software on which applications were built and run to operate a business (think banks mostly). I wanted a system that just ran and where major changes were announced and carefully coordinated. That is what I want from linux and what I have been getting from Leap. The developers will plan, create and release software for my use and when they do I will evaluate the product and learn how to use it for my needs.

I think that is essentially all we can ask for unless we want to create and support our own version of linux.


As a former Ubuntu user I switched to opensuse because of snap. Anyone can write a snap package and submit it to the snap store. What we don’t know is who exactly is making sure these snap packages are on the up and up. Supply chain attacks rely on tainted dependencies. In SEL (which opensuse is based on) every package has a dedicated team of eyeballs looking at the code to make sure it not only hasn’t been turned into a poisoned pill but that if any new bugs or exploits are found the fixes get backported in a timely manner.

There is the old proverb about eggs and baskets. If you can’t telly me who is paid to maintain the software I am using and just say “Trust me!” that is the last thing I will do.

If you say “We have spent X about hours in code review and Y number of systems have Z amount of uptime with this code.” I will start trusting you enough to test your software. Suse has been around for about 30 years now they have earned my trust over long periods of uptime. Ubuntu wants me to upgrade snap packages at least once every 60 days. Which would you choose?

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