Why does Leap 42.1 isolate itself by not having inittab, vga driver, /etc/X11/gdm.conf ?

Hi, Dear leap’s pioneers,

 Why does Leap 42.1 isolate itself from many other useful packages by not having inittab, vga driver, /etc/X11/gdm.conf and other files?

 The leap's having Enterprise components have making me very happy, but when I installed, I found that leap even can not support silicomm Motion SM750 vedio driver,

that leap even cann’t support VNC server under small display or XManager’s connect.

who can tell me what advantages and disadvantages between leap 42.1 and openSUSE 13.2?>:(>:(

Is leap 42.1 really compatable with other open source Linux package to work as a data server?

This is at one side a bit vague (you do not address a technical problem to get help with and that is where these technical help forums are for), on the other side you address a several more generalised questions.

To address some of what you say.

In 13.2, systemd already had replaced SystemV init (and thus the inittab), thus there is no real difference between 13.2 and Leap 42.1 in this respect.

When you have problems with a graphical card, please start a thread in Instal/Boot/Login with a good title (that of course should contain the make/type of your card). That is the best way top draw the attention of potential helpers.

Same remark about GDM. It means you use a GUI. Thus start a thread, of course mentioning which desktop you use and then people may be able to help you in explaning which DM is used by default with that desktop, telling you about alternatives and how/where to configure them to your needs (which you of course should explain also).

Remember that Unix/Linux can be used in many ways and nobody here knows anything about the way you (want to) use it. Never expect that others think the same way you think is “logical”. Helpers need your info to be able to help.

OK, I will spend some time to address seperate and address detail problem.

Thanks for your guiding.