Why do you always use the latest version of the distro

I wonder why people upgrade right away to the latest version, while they tweaked the distro and everything works , taking such a huge risk breaking things, while the distro still has a year to go… I always use the second latest because most of the introduction bugs are solved… I always think the latest version is more for the developers even if it’s assigned stable

Because we want perfection. That’s why.

I’m always hoping that things are better - more reliable, less problematic and faster. Is it? Somewhat but the degree seem less as time goes on which just demonstrates how much better Linux/openSuse/KDE are then they used to be.

And if things are mucked then it’s a challenge and gives me something to futz with for a while and then feel good about after I resolve them - maybe a bit masochistic :wink:

Perfection == No bugs. Going with the bleeding edge is the antithesis of this. :wink:

Cannot realy answer this because I don’t do this (seems that I am not “people”). I only go to a next release when pressed to.

Sorry for we. I want perfection in my system.

I installed 10.1 some time ago. I continued using it until it was no longer supported. Then 11.0 came out at around the same time, so I went with that. And I kept that until it was off support. Then I went with 11.3.

With 11.3, I switched from gnome to KDE, and I liked it. But the KDE with 11.3 seemed a bit buggy. So I chose to move to 4.4. KDE seems better with 11.4, though some folk are never happy.

Whether I will stick with 11.4 till it is off support, or install another version earlier - I’ll decide that over time.

That is exactly my goal.

In my opinion everyone wants perfection.

Initially because the LInux desktop was a maturing project and each distro tended to bring more features - once KDE4 became reasonably stable, because each version has brought new features which, along with improvements to non-KDE apps, enhance what I can do with the same hardware.

I agree with you. +1 for me.

I prefer to update to latest version because I think that developers/package-builders will spent most of their time on latest version that I cannot find program updates in previous version. But, that can be just me.

Because i am a nerd.:sarcastic:

Because KDE is very unstable in older versions… With each version it is more stable, I go for more stable…

Lord Satan orders me to use the latest versions and in his unholy name I shall do so.

In other words I usually have super high end hardware that requires the latest drivers.

The risk is easily sidestepped. I have two partitions that can hold ‘/’. So I can just install the new version (11.4) and keep the old, working version (11.3) at the same time.

I enjoy self flagelation. Tortuous bugs, incongruos interfaces and things
that simply make no sense. Above all I enjoy data corruption and
catastrophic data loss from half baked drivers. I like finding those little
nuances that scream that the developer was almost done, but not quite.
Beyond a doubt I find buttons that do nothing intriguing and randomly
appearing icons even more so. I enjoy games with repositories especially
random renames which I assume are only for my own good.

Because I can!

Only when I feel like it. I will generally upgrade immediately on a spare machine or two and see what new toys and candy there are, but hold off on updating on my workhorse machine until a few months later when most of the annoying bugs have been fixed. I also need a free couple of hours to put things back the way I like; I have quite a few services and custom setup.

I upgrade to new in order to resolve some annoyances that are fixed in new version. Downside is that it introduces some new annoyances.
Anyways, what would you do with perfect system? Isn’t that boring?