why do we have a Pre-Release/Beta forum?

i just read the post “Download Now!Its here! openSUSE 11.3 Milestone
1” <http://forums.opensuse.org/showthread.php?t=432125> and wonder why
we have a Pre-Release/Beta forum on the web and via nntp

of course, i know it should be obvious to all why have such a
forum–yet the forum is not mentioned in the announcement that the
milestone is available…

nor is the forum mentioned in the testing page
<http://en.opensuse.org/Testing> referenced in announcement…

neither is the forum mentioned on the download page where the
milestone is offered <http://software.opensuse.org/developer/en>

and, i’d bet a dime to a donut that it is not mentioned in the release
notes or anywhere in the downloaded iso either!

it is like the forum is a secret…

so, the non-clairvoyant who try 11.3 and can’t divine the existence of
our UNadvertised Pre-Release/Beta forum are destined to again clutter
up the help forums for released software (applications,
install/boot/login, hardware and etc…

why is this still the case? i wonder…


You’ve got one there. Wondering too…

I think this has been raised before DD. I’ll bring it up for discussion in our mod area too because I think it’s a very valid point.

It would be easy for us to assume that people automatically make the association (But as you know, there is no accounting for the intellectually challenged)- It would make more sense to have logical word association and continuity throughout the community.:slight_smile:

caf4926 wrote:
> I think this has been raised before DD.

i raised it last year during the run up to 11.2…

but the pre-canned formats for release announcements and the download
page never got changed…

and, the wiki/Testing page continues to only mention contact through
the mail list, IRC, bug reports and FATE–a solid barrier which keeps
our developers from being infected by actual user experience…</sigh>

perhaps “we” (here) need to hire a translator (user-speak to
hacker-lingo) to send the developers a (mail-list) report on what is
actually going on in userLand…the first sentence chould begin thus:

“Since the Black Screen of Frustration (BSoF) continues to plague
n00bs in openSUSE 12.2 we need to ask: Is anyone there?”


I understand, but that’s not the way. It’s not the devs against the community. They are each others dependencies ;). In my experience people are willing to listen if you make clear they do a great job creating the conditions for further development. And, in steps.

yep, i hear you…and i am certain there is no future in fighting them
vs us…but, how do we here in these fora reach out? since ‘they’
seem unwilling to hang out here (even though can easily via NNTP) we
must move to them via:

join ‘their’ mail list?
join ‘their’ IRC
send ‘them’ messages in FATE and Bugzilla?

fortunately, a good guy has just ‘innovated’ two ways to get rid of
the Black Screen of SUSE [BSOS?] caused by kernel updates…they are,
and i hope everyone will vote them UP:


unfortunately, when those two paths to black are removed, there will
remain ways…


I just put a band-aid on that announcement (but that’s all it is, a band-aid)