Why do they did this to my plasma?

I’m using openSUSE Tumbleweed KDE these months and it’s so unbelievably stable .

And people decided to solve some bugs that were bothering me all this time like “eye” and “X” icons overlapping when entering a password (for example to open YaST) or that oxygen-style icon for Knetattach.

But lately they started changing stuff that work. For example the button to turn on/off wi-fi and bluetooth is now so tiny you may miss when you try to click it (this is indepedent of the theme), and scrolling down applications in the full-screen alternative of the applications menu is slower than a turtle in slow motion.

KDE is so great but has these tiny stuff that bothers me from time to time and it’s stuff I can’t change by myself. And unfortunately by using an older version of KDE, you lose the privilege of having all the recent fixes :x:X

Thanks for reading.

Btw the thread title is so syntactically incorrect …

Sometimes it seems like they just change things for the sake of changing them. I think that they are still working out the quarks on Plasma 5, in general.

I’ve also seen Amarok in the updates list many times, but still it is difficult to use and a bit outdated, in my opinion.

I gave up on Amarok when KDE 4 was released. Clementine was much more familiar to me at that time and I use it at the moment (there also is a working Windows port).
I’m also thinking about abandoning KDE 5 for XFCE or LXDE. I’m currently on KDE 4 and maybe just too old for all these usability changes, which don’t improve my productivity at all :slight_smile:

That’s because you are getting amarok from the packman repo. Those updates appear to be mostly recompiles of the same version, because a dependency changed.