Why do I use LINUX?

Originally because OS/2 was going to die and Linux had such a good reputation that I thought it would be fun to try it out.

Then because it was fun - back in the late 90s it was challenging.

Now because it’s what I’m used to, because it’s secure, because it’s free as in beer (sorry),because it lets me satisfy my lust for updating to the latest and greatest, because there is such variety to choose from - distros, apps, window managers…, because I admire the principles behind it and because I still find it interesting. Oh, and sheer perversity.

Somebody asked if there were any gals answering. I’ll put my hand up but not a gal any more, a senior citizen actually.

Because the other options are inadequate in many respects, for me.

I like the fact that there are no dlls and no Windows Registry.


cause it’s cool
you can do whatever you want

I use Linux, because despite some difficulties one may find at the beginning, you actually learn a lot when you make it work. And that goes for many awesome free-software that is out there, it’s free knowledge for everybody to learn.


I use linux because I can make it unique, it’s stable, secure and I love the idea behind it!

Hi! Well…The reason why I use Linux, because of most of software are free, you don’t have to spead $50, $100, $200 on software for Mac or Windows.

One thing I really like Linux is customable the look of your themes for Gnome’s Window Border and Controls.
My themes is currect Redmond which makes my computer look like it is running Windows ME/2000.

I’ve used Fedora and perfer Fedora, but I have eMac that has PPC and I tried Fedora/PPC on eMac and it won’t work.
So I look around the internet about running Linux on eMac, and I found openSuSE 11.1.

OpenSuSE 11.1 is so new to me, it is little bit different from Fedora. But the Gnome on Fedora and OpenSuSE seems to be the same.

I use openSUSE Linux for several (good) reasons…

  1. Yes, because it is “Free”, though I have purchased two boxed versions and one copy of SLED. I am a computer hobbyist. I build computers for a hobby, as much as I can afford. There was a time you could buy a single copy of Windows and load as often as you liked (I did not say that was right to do). Now, you must pay $homage to Redmond, for every copy that you use. This is a particular problem when your average homebuilt PC lifespan from build, to remodel or death, is less than six months. The constant re-registering and answering how many machines you have loaded this copy on is “ONE” to some automated machine or a person located in India, is a real drag. As a note, my wife had a stroke several years ago, which has caused me to stay at home a lot more. When not taking care of her, working with openSUSE has been a Godsend in more than one way.

  2. Because it is fun to use. Now the reason I like Linux and openSUSE in particular, is the effort required to get the OS working just as you like. Some things are not automatic, even after the best efforts of some very good people. For me, this is a plus as I feel I too have an input on how well openSUSE will work and perform for me.

  3. You don’t have to be genius to figure out some complicated tasks or to share and help others with the things you have discovered. I think that half of the fun using openSUSE is sharing with and helping your global and fellow openSUSE users.

  4. openSUSE is more safe than Windows when surfing the Web or most any on-line task. Now we know that a person with the right knowledge can take advantage of any Operating System and that includes Linux. As luck would have it, there seems to be more money to be made taking advantage or dupe poor unsuspecting Windows users. I feel sorry for them, but I am happy they help keep the bad eyes off of Linux.

  5. I use openSUSE Linux because it was the first Linux distribution (version 10 was first) I was able to get what I wanted to do, done. I do think that we tend to stick with what works and what we have the most knowledge about. Still, I have installed a couple of other distributions, but I can’t find anything better about those distributions.

These are just my thoughts…Thanks for taking time to read them.

Thank You,

It’s my hobby, with linux i can always find challenge in my computer. I love the idea of open source software and am just happy to be part of this very friendly community :slight_smile:

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Okay I’ll bite. I like this question for some reason and always answer it.

I got bored.

I was raised on Apple systems since the second grade. The public school system had Apple systems everywhere. I later went to college for graphic design. By the time i graduated I grew an interest in the internet and computer networking from the PC lab in the library. I liked how linux laid down all the cards and put it right in your face that it was capable of nearly anything. Even on a dead badger.

I kept on with desktop publishing at work while dual booting at home but soon grew tired of a career centered around Adobe software that ran on boring static platforms. I left the design field, dove into frontend web design and eventually fell into the backend realm of coding and data, working with SOA’s for the most part as a freelancer. As this progression went on I appreciated what Linux had to offer and grew more comfortable. The software, the distributions, the community, they all make it fun and worthwhile.

Since my intro to Perl CGI’s and later things like PHP, Javascript, Python, etc etc, I’ve quit my job as a graphic designer, picked up a job as a welder in a metal shop and freelance my web dev interests. Everything on a laptop running Linux. And thanks to Linux I’ve found creativity in code and a skill I never knew I had in metal working.

I know, it sounds weird, but that’s what happened. lol!