Why do I use LINUX?

I like my OpenSUSE!
I like it because it is free. Not in the sense of “I can´t afford a couple of bucks for something else” , rather in the sense of “Air is free, Water is free, sunshine is free, the books I get at the library are free, free love, the best things in life are free”

OK, I´m a bit of a hippy at heart.

And I like the community!
You guys are great!*

*I swear I´ve never had the urge to say something like this to “the corporation.”

why do you guys (and gals!?) use LINUX?

I use Linux because I don’t like avoidable crashes and poorly managed hardware. Linux (many distro’s) are far more stable than another well known culprit. While Linux does have it’s share of hardware specific issues, I can usually live with the alternate buggy, crashy OS while I wait for Linux to come up to speed. When Linux supports a piece of hardware it handles it well. The same can not be said of the other culprit.

And yes I like openSUSE, I like it being free only because I have bought the paid OS and didn’t get even a quarter of the stability and features and apps that I get under Linux.

How do you contribute to Novell for this wonderful, “free” software?

You can buy the boxed version.

openSUSE 11.1 from Novell

I use it because I like it more than the other alternatives. That says it all for me

Says it all for me too.:good:

Why do dogs lick their testicles?

Because they can!

Why do I use Linux?

Because I can!

(OK, and also because I can’t lick …)


to clean them too :smiley:

And there is another explanation.


(around 3:00 - 3:10 runtime)

What else would I use ?

Nothing around that offers me everything that Linux does.



a couple of really nice replies there!

(are there any gals here or is this a guys only thing??? just wondering!?)

How do you contribute to Novell for this wonderful, “free” software?

I have no Idea how?
…other than spreading the word.
I am still rather new t all this!

I was showing my room mate some of the features, and he liked them. He is however a hardcore gamer… not a chance of a convert there!

I am thinking about salvaging PCs and distributing them with LINUX in a social development project… thats way in the future though.

>> How do you contribute to Novell for this wonderful, “free” software?
> I have no Idea how?

“contribute” to Novell is easy:

but, Novell doesn’t provide FREE software, instead they support this
openSUSE community which does…many many ways to contribute here:

and, ‘contribute’ to open source in general…there are lots of Linux
hackers out there who make it easy to donate to their “tip jar”

Have a lot of fun…

I use Linux because:

  1. It’s free as in freedom, community-developed, and I like that, though I’m not an OS developer or someone who distributes CDs daily.

  2. It’s modern and secure compared to Windows. In Windows, you get a virus alert message box every few hours, while in Linux, there’s hardly any such thing as a virus.
    The most modern MS technologies are those of Windows 7, and those will become obsolete as compared to Linux in a few months’ time.

  3. Linux distros are much kinder to hardware. Honestly, how did MS even manage to make Vista and 7 so bloated? Linux is so feature-rich compared to Windows that I sometimes wonder why its hardware requirements aren’t any higher.

  4. There’s loads of choice if you choose to use Linux. Use openSUSE, Fedora, Ubuntu, Puppy, whatever you like. Use GNOME, KDE, Xfce, whichever one you like. You’re not limited to one way of doing things as you are with Windows.

I choose openSUSE because, after testing seven other distros – including Mandriva, Mint, and Mepis – it was the best and most stable of the bunch. And I like the fluid 8-month upgrade cycle. Besides, after decades of using Microsoft OSes, by 2005 I figured I earned the right to switch!

The older I’m getting the more “open” I want my life. Life has convinced me that “open” is the way to go. No discussion about it.

I use linux because it gives me an open choice. Others don’t.

  1. Because it works.

  2. For the last 13 years (since 1997) I have avoided wasting my time answering WinDoze users’ questions about the problems caused by their choice of operating systems.

  • Knurpht wrote, On 01/02/2010 01:16 PM:
    > No discussion about it.

In soapbox? <BG>


Ok. I never tried but try this time. Thanks for posting this link.

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I actually only use linux for one good reason… I find it’s easier to use than Windows! :smiley:

I need to be FREE!

I tried Windows, but got tired of virus scans, random crashes, always having leftovers after uninstalls, etc.

Tried OSX and loved it, but hated the feeling of being under Apple’s control. If I want to buy anything other than a Mac, then no OSX for me, legally anyway. The Mac quality wasn’t as great as they would like you to think. I also got tired of Apple’s extortion methods wherein they hold back features so you’ll buy the newer models. Furthermore, as a businessman, Apple just doesn’t offer enough in the way of security and business applications.

Then I found Linux! Ah, sweet, sweet Linux. So many choices, so much freedom! I can install it on anything I want, as many times as I want, and use it for whatever I want! I get a good feeling inside everytime I think about how much I love using Linux. Yeah it has hiccups here and there, but I can accept that, because it always comes through when I really need it. I still need to run Windows for a few things like Adobe CS4, but other than that I completely reliant upon Linux. I use Linux on all my businesses computers and have handed out countless CDs of various distros. Almost everyone I introduce Linux too loves it.

The fact that Linux is free, as in gratis, is just a bonus. I try to donate about half of what Windows would cost me to the various projects I use and ones I’d like to see progress. It feels so much better giving money to people who listen to your needs and are working hard to create something special, as opposed to giving money to a company that is just looking to make a profit with no real concern for the end user.

So that’s why I use Linux.