Why do I need No KMS to install openSUSE 12.3?

I have a new Lenovo G500 notebook with an Intel HD 4000 graphics card. When I run the openSUSE 12.3 installation disk or the Rescue disk, I have to press f3 and select No KMS or I just get a black screen. I also can only run the PartedMagic disk in Failsafe mode or I get a blank screen. I learned from another thread that this problem doesn’t exist for 12.2 so what is different?

The kernel is different. Note a kernel update will be available after install this my fix things

In the meantime, read the Release Notes which describes how to disable KMS using YAST so you don’t have to deal with it with every boot.


I haven’t been dealing with it with every boot. I just had to disable it to get the installation to run or to get the Rescue disk to work. Once it installed, there doesn’t seem to be a problem except for no 3d in the VMWare vm where I am running Win7.

You install the VMware drivers in the guest?

In any case you won’t get great 3D in a VM