Why do I everyday receive this error with opensuse updater?


the “Fix crash in QT” thingy… :confused:

i dont know why… but i am getting it also.

opensuse 10.3 fresh install and updated

guess we just have to bear with it until the release of opensuse 11

perhaps they no longer give support to the repositories as they are bz developing OS 11

It would really, really surprise me if it was deliberately not being attended to. You could/should post a bug report or look to see if there is one and see how it’s progressing.

You can also turn the applet off permanently and use “Online Update” in Yast → Software → Online Update.

I prefer not to use the applet because I like to choose when to update and frankly the applet interferes with other Yast functions and that irritates me (probably unreasonably).

I cant see an clear error.
But if your issue is that the update is always shown although you installed it. That happened with a few updates to me as well.

The updater does not registers that this patch is done.

The Solution is that you open konsole and do the following:

user@host:~> su
Host:/home/user #  zypper ref
Host:/home/user #  zypper up

That should solve the Problem. After that rightclick on the updater applet and select check now - it should come back empty.

Hmm I’ve had the problem you describe for the last few updates, I’ve found using zypper to perform the updates avoids the problems.

However next time this happens I’ll give those commands a try and see if it does the trick.

Probably same thing happening to me. My updater applet won’t install / or won’t register the install of any updates. So even if I choose to update when I go to Yast I find those packages not installed. I guess it all started about a couple or so weeks ago. Not much of an issue for me though since I can’t wait to get my hands on openSuse 11. :slight_smile:

Do not log in as su and do it.

Just do:

sudo zypper ref
sudo zypper up

Try this, when u mark the packages and as soon as it asks to enter password, then DONT select “keep password” and see if it works.