Why dependency on user created by install package

I went to install new version of fetchmail to see if it helped a problem I had. Why was some user id listed as a pre-req? It is created by the install script, but it doesn’t recognize that the userid was already created and existing.

Then went to try to rebuild same product, and to build fetchmail, required that I install postfix. But I already have sendmail installed. Why should I need to install postfix in order to build fetchmail?

Posting this, cuz my email is broken due to a breakage on my non-reachable ISP. >:->

Weird to see usernames listed as prereqs when the usernames were already there. How would I proceed without telling it to ignore prereqs?

How would a sendmail user rebuild the product?

how are you installing fetchmail
fetchmail 6.3.26 is available in the main TW repo just do

zypper in fetchmail

debugging 3rd party scripts is beyond opensuse’s scope
also keep in mind that fetchmail is 5 years old and TW is a rolling distro always latest and greatest software
IMO you should avoid fetchmail as there has been no work done on it in 5+ years

you could give getmail a try it’s only 6 months old and is actively being developed

zypper in getmail

IMO there are 2 ways to rebuild that package
#1 download the tar ball from sf.net
Fetchmail - the mail-retrieval daemon - Browse Files at SourceForge.net
unpack the tar.xz archive to somewhere in your home, read the readme file and install all the needed dev packages
keep in mind fetchmail needs OpenSSL 1.0 while TW comes with OpenSSL 1.1h which might not be compatible with the fetchmail source
#3 grab the TW source rpm
you can install it with rpm as an ordinary user!!!

rpm -i http://download.opensuse.org/repositories/openSUSE:/Factory/standard/src/fetchmail-6.3.26-19.2.src.rpm

then go to
open a terminal and run

rpmbuild -bb sendmail.spec

make sure you have rpmbuild installed
if all goes fine a new binary can be found in $HOME/rpmbuild/RPMS
if there was an error check the error log if it was a missing dependency install it and try again

It’s not a user (fetchmail) it’s the ‘group’ daemon that is the prerequisite as all groups where split out awhile back in Tumbleweed.

If your rebuilding the src rpm locally that’s likely since the tools used are the openSUSE Build Service and osc locally (which creates a build time environment).

Sounds like this system has not been updated in awhile since the last change to fetchmail was eight months ago, running Tumbleweed means updating to the next release on a regular basis, one wonders if you have run zypper dup to pull in the group split?