Why compiz doesn't run smoothly?

Hi all. I’ve just installed suse 11.1 and everything looks ok, except the compiz fusion. I did enable the desktop effects and started compiz and it works, but I noticed that some effects do not run smooth enough, especially when rotating the cube, the cube rotates but a bit slowly and clumsy with some »white pixels« around the edge of the screen. I have nvidia geforce 6100 nforce 430, and have installed nvidia drivers via yast. I know that the graphic card is capable of running compiz smoothly, because on the same pc with suse 11.0 everything worked excellent. What could be the cause? Is it a driver issue or compiz issue? Thanks for your help guys.

I also experience a similar problem with intel 915GM card.


It did help me to delete the user account and it’s home folder and recreate it again.