Why can't I read most of the text here?

As you can see, my openSuSE 11.2 / KDE 4.3.5 is configured correctly with utf-8 (Russian Language)…
Check out the file menu of my firefox (Namoroka) in this screen shot…

Landis (Ландис)

Ответ здесь](http://forums.opensuse.org/other-languages/p-russian/430358-utf-8-encoding-dhydh-n-dhudh-dh-dh-n-n-n-n-dh-dh.html).

I figured it out…
Namoroka (firefox) browser:
Вид>Кодировка> установил к: iso-8859-1.
(view> encoding> was set to: iso-8859-1).
I forced change to utf-8 and all looks good my world…

You may want to change your forum defaults for the page meta to use utf-8 and not Windows/Latin…
This is a Russian, Linux forum after all and there are No Cyrillic characters in the 8859-1 character set… LOL…
Unicode 8859-1 code set (.txt doc)


This is what I see in your post.
the meta, charset for this forum is set wrong!
I should not have to force change my browser upon each visit or page refresh…


It is not browser problem. It is forum problem. See to right bottom change English to Russian.

опять двадцать пять

А ты как думал? :wink:
Написать мануал это еще полдела, еще надо заставить пользователей увидеть тему с описанием и прочитать ее >:(

He wrote “answer is here


Thank you hanty…
So the encoding was being set wrong, but on this forum it is user set, default english (latin) ‘8859-1’ …

thanks again,

get the admin to make this post with henty’s изображение a ‘sticky’.
sorry, i’m just now teaching myself Russian… can only read and write.

Ну что все всё слышали? Быстро искать админа и приляпывать мою картинку в мануал :slight_smile: (шучу)
И смех и грех. Представляете люди с помощью суси языки изучают?!