why cann't Leap42.1 support VNC or XManager?

Hi, Dear pioneers,

I am beginning to use Leap, and I install leap 42.1 on a Huawei server: RH2285H v2-12L with a display card of silicon motion sm750.

and after installing finished, I login to use leap’s yast2’s desktop configuring, but the display resolution can only be 640*480 and is not adjustable.

After the network has configured well, I use yast2 to install VNC server, but several times it finally seems to return to level-3 multi users’ login and the graphical
display display, and I use ps -aux|grep vnc, find that there is no any VNC process running.

and then I follow XManager’s configuration step of “OpenSuse, Suse and Suse Enterprise Server (Suse 8, 9, 10 / Suse Enterprise Server 9.x, 10.x / OpenSuse 10.x, 11.0)”(since leap 42.1 has Enterprise Server’s some function) on http://www.netsarang.com/faq/xmanager/list , and I use KDE at the beginning, and install GNOME desktop latter, but I cann’t find there is a /etc/X11/gdm/gdm.conf file. So who can tell me how to enable leap 42.1’s supporting remote graphical desktop control? I don’t mean using putty.

Is there anyone who has installed leap’s remote desktop control under 640*480 resolution?>:(

Has anyone sucessfully installed leap’s remote desktop control under 640*480 resolution?

Or is there anyone can list a succesfull XManager configuration on leap?

On Xmanager’s official FAQ guide, there are other openSUSE OSes’ Xmanager configuration except Leap.

Or is there anyone can list a succesfull XManager configuration on leap?

On Xmanager’s official FAQ guide, there are other openSUSE OSes’ Xmanager configuration except Leap.

I had a quick look at the openSUSE 13.2 remote host configuration. I don’t see any reason why that information wouldn’t also apply to Leap as long as XDM, KDM, or GDM is in use. The real issue may be if SDDM (for Plasma 5) is being used, since I don’t think that currently supports XDMCP (but I’m open to correction about that). Is this something that you tried and have had problems with, or are you just wanting confirmation from others that it works?

BTW, I assume from your opening post this is about accessing a remote (openSUSE) Linux desktop from a Windows machine? For access to applications, administration,…?

I wonder if X2Go might be a secure option worth considering here?


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Dear Sir deano_ferrari,

Thank you for your merge, this morning I just couldn’t find the sub-thread cann’t list ahead, and I am
love openSUSE leap too much , so I need a quick answer on this subthread.

Isn’t there anyone who has succeeded in installing and using X2GO to remote access leap’s graphical desktop?


Perhaps there isn’t anyone, or perhaps there hasn’t been sufficient time for others who do have experience with remote desktop access and Leap to have discovered this thread and reply yet. Sometimes it is necessary to expand one’s search for answers by posting in other Linux forums. I suggest you make the effort to try installing it for yourself and see how far you can get with testing. We’re all volunteers here, but users will try to assist if you provide relevant information about the steps you’ve taken and the issues your having with specific things. General questions often get general answers. Try to stay on topic, and start a new thread if needed for new topics.

I’ve found that when installing multiple Desktops, I see the same, original Display Manager used for all Desktops unless it’s changed manually… So, it’s maybe not surprising that installing the Gnome Desktop didn’t install and configure gdm (I haven’t done exactly that, so can’t actually verify completely).

The Display Manager is an independent piece of software that’s not necessarily used by a specific Desktop, in fact as you’re about to see you can switch between any installed Display Manager in a given Desktop.

YAST > /etc/sysconfig editor > Desktop > Display Manager > DISPLAY_MANAGER

As the page instructs, you can choose anything in the dropdown or even type in a new one (if you know it’s installed but not listed). Also, note the other XServer settings, review them and maybe something there might be useful.

For whatever DM you implement, there is probably a different set of instructions. You may want to read XDMCP documentation instead of the abbreviated instructions you’re using.

i also don’t understand what you mean by “under 640x480” resolution. There is only lower resolution (not likely anything lower than 640x480) and higher resolutions, nothing commonly described as “under.” Standard VGA output is 640x480, if you can’t switch to any other resolution, then it’s possible that a capable video driver isn’t loaded. If you want to doublecheck whether other resolutions are possible, you can modify xrandr directly… If you prefer not to edit the config file directly in a console you can use a graphical tool like arandr

zypper install arandr