Why can i paste my files?


I was wondering, why cannot i paste my files after a simple ctrl+C? The destination folders menu has paste disabled?

This is despite the fact that i can do so using cmd line ???

Any reasons will be helpful, as its more timeconsuming using cmd line.

I t would be better if you tell us where from and to. Describe: *Eg; I can’t copy from my SUSE /home to my NTFS storage partition.

Ok, why a simply copy is not pasting it when directories are:

source: /home/abc/latex/src
destination: /home/abc/latex/doc

it would be nice if you would simply quote ‘what copy-paste doesnt work’

Copy and paste should work, assuming this /home/abc
is owned by you
ie; you are logged in to /abc

right click paste with the mouse? Is that what you are doing? or Ctrl-v?

Right click /abc
what are the permissions and who is owner?

are you talking about copying files to another location?
WOW, i just tried it, i didn’t even know it was possible to copy and
paste files!

well, if you can’t get the answer which makes it work for you, do you
know now to swipe the files to move/copy and pick’em up with the mouse
and drag them over and drop them in their new place?? and THEN a
pop-up will ask if you want to copy, move or link the files to the new

ok, maybe you can’t paste (OR drag and drop) your files in the new
place because you don’t have write permission there…

hmmmm, when you do it at the command line are you doing it as root, or
as yourself??

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