Why are the web forums so slow?

OK - I found out how to solve the skin issue - the setting is in User Controls.

You got it. :slight_smile:

wehrmacht wrote:
> My guess is that they are redesigning the web pages or tightening
> security because some silly little Ubuntu kiddie messed with some of
> the pages this morning.
> See here:
> ‘openSUSE say what? - Ubuntu Forums’
> (http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=831489)
> …one of the drawbacks of “winning over” Windows users in my opinion,
> you get the trash along with the treasure!
That is the drawback of it being a wiki page too, any idiot can change
it to say whatever they want. Thankfully, openSUSE users aren’t that

I guess the interest in openSUSE 11 and seeing the forum is getting the load of the formally three separate fora plays a role.

I have seen slowdowns here and there, mainly in the last two days, and before that it was snappy enough not to make me notice any issues… I can imagine the the admins/maintianers still need the time to further crystallize and optimize the new setup.



The slowness you are seeing is mainly using the openSUSE-forums style which
was created by the guy that designed all the openSUSE web site templates.
The graphics used in this style are not hosted on the forums server but on
static.opensuse.org which holds other openSUSE pages. I believe the
slowness experienced here is due to high volume on those other servers with
the release of v11.0 and should be a temporary thing.

As indicated in this thread, if you change your viewing style to the
openSUSE style which is self contained on this server, speed should improve
for you for now.

I am noticing other “issues”, however.

I am using Firefox 3.

Whenever I click a link given on a forum page (even the one to return to the login screen after I have logged out). my machine just seems to “hang”. The browser says it’s “Waiting for en.opensuse.com” or whatever, but never seems to load.

I get random Novell web-site error pages (usually time outs, but also others)

I could not edit one of my posts - I had to insert my change as a reply

Changing the skins has certainly improved matters, but you have to go through the login page in the default skin first. Is there any way of going straight into the OpenSuSE-skinned login page?

I’m posting in a spirit of positive bug-reporting. I really don’t want to appear negative, but using the forum has been a less than happy experience so far.


> Waiting for en.opensuse.com" or whatever

See my previous post.

> I could not edit one of my posts - I had to insert my change as a
> reply

You have 10 minutes to edit any post. After that your option is to either
submit an additional clarification post or to delete your post and start
again. When you submit a new thread, there is an option to review your
post and you may want to take advantage of it before you actually submit
your post so you are confident in what you are posting the first time.

> Is there any way of
> going straight into the OpenSuSE-skinned login page?

openSUSE-Forums is the default style. If you want to go directly to the
openSUSE style, you can set that as your preferred style in the User
Control Panel then login somewhere else such as the openSUSE wiki before
visiting the forums page.