Why am I getting the error: Files could not be expanded: service error: See 'docker run --help'.?


I’ve noticed that every one of my Vim packages that I’ve recently updated is giving the error message:

Files could not be expanded: service error: See 'docker run --help'.

is this something to do with the OBS (i.e., something that should resolve itself with time) or is it something I’ve done? If you want to peak at the problem packages here they are:

Thanks for your time,

Usually “files could not be expanded” means that your linked package has conflicting changes. I do “osc pull” locally, resolve conflicting changes and commit back.

Running osc pull returned no indicator that was the problem (to be precise it returned:

osc pull makes only sense with a detached head, did you mean osc up?

). Fortunately time told me that I was right it was just an issue with the OBS and it got resolved without my intervention.

There was an “unknown issue” with OBS earlier today related to Docker reporting disk space errors (even though there apparently was ample space available) - should be fixed now.