why 42.x are so slow?


I upgraded my 13.2 to 42.1 and 42.2 and found that login to the new system is unbelievable slow:

in 13.2, my desktop showed immediately as soon as I input password in KDM. However, in both 42.1 and 42.2, I have to wait at least 15 s before get my desktop. I am just wondering what’s the problem of 42.2? Shouldn’t the efficiency of new OS optimized? Why it becomes such unbelievable slow?!

What’s worse, if I logout and then login, I have to wait more than 1 minute !!!


Probably left over junk from the upgrades. I have a 42.2 virgin install and it is fine and comes up faster then 13.2 did. But YMMV

I’ve noticed that boot takes longer since a number of auto upgrades have been applied. Also base memory usage has gone up, no much though, about 10%.

It certainly doesn’t take me 1 min to log out and back in though. There is something of a pregnant pause before log outs occur or a reboot starts. That may take a bit longer now. Also the time the desktop takes to come up after a log in.

Leaves the question how to get rid of said junk ? I’d guess that could be difficult because some application or the other may still be using some of it?


Please check if the upgrades have moved you from KDE4 Plasma and KDM to KDE Plasma 5 and SDDM.

With Leap 42.2 and KDE Plasma 5 and SDDM, this may be an issue. Please check which KDE you’re using.
[HR][/HR]We may be suffering platform specific KDE issues here – Intel and/or NVidia and/or AMD – Mainboard Chipset, CPU, Graphics Processor . . .

My leap 42.2 shows kde plasma 5.8.6, frameworks 5.6.1, qt 5.6.1, 64bit with an nvidia driver. kernel There was also a large kdebase 4 update some time ago.

I had a problem with vlc segmentation faults which seems to be down to using an nvidia driver and pembroke is/was generating these faults on every boot. Not checked recently.

I am also using sddm greeter as they are now called by many. :wink: Maybe they should call it sddg now.

Not using sddm may cause problems. Pass but it is aimed at coping with freedesktop org’s xdg settings which uses a number of environment variables to point at a number of things including spec’ing which desktop is to be used. I thought that it was a kde project but it’s not but kde is intended to work this way. Other log in managers may not do this. I just accepted the defaults when I installed.

Only one ‘problem’ found really. If another desktop is installed it’s possible to bring up say KDE via an LXDE desktop. Net effect - desktop folders that need 2 clicks to open and one click to navigate once they are open. There is a kde one click buried somewhere that will correct this. SDDM remembers the last desktop used which is why this may happen. The installed desktop is called system default what ever it is by the look of things. Me thinks that unless otherwise spec’d would be better option that should really be a default tied to user name.