Who's the REAL openSUSE Freak?

Ok…who actually has a real green chameleon running around the office or workstation area? Who’s the REAL openSUSE Freak…let yourself be known !!

Or if you can top that, post a pic of the workstation!

I guess IF I was at my Fl. residence I could easily have Gecko’s, they often make their way inside.
The computers are self builds and have no outward display of their inner quality.

true caf…lizards be all around the house…need to find a green one to keep in a terrarium near the desk…is that a gecko btw? ****ed if the chameleons don’t look like the logo.

I mean this version of openSUSE has treated me well enough to do something extreme like that in logo’fying my surroundings…LOL

Ooooooh, gecko’s need to live out in the open world. They cannot reproduce in a closed environment. rotfl!

I’ve seen a few lizards trying to reproduce indoors…LOL