Whonix vm wont allow shutdown process

i have a whonix vm with virtualbox and when i have it running then close my laptop lid to shutdown i get a message saying shutdown has been canceled by the whonix vm. i ONLY get this with the whonix vm if i do it with any other vm it works fine how do i go about fixin this ive googled it and checked all the vm settings maybe i missed something thanks.

NOTE: what i say is my opinion and is not to be taken seriously or to offend or upset lets all get along as a community and help one another because that is what matters most thanks :slight_smile:

Looks to me as a Virtualization problem. Thus moved to that Category.

You need to ask the Whonix support people - is the vm from the one they distribute or did you built it yourself.
It is a security system that is not a VirtualBox issue but their application. They may be doing things to the Host Machine from the virtual machine and that is outside the scope of what we support in VirtualBox. It may be that the hooks they use are broken in the fixes that had to be put in VirtualBox for the 6.4.x kernel - security in the kernel is being beefed up and more things need fixing for 6.5.x kernels. VirtualBox guest that modify host security will break with each update.

Ask here:

ok i will ask them thanks for the help