Can a few people try that url and tell me if it is loading for you? It seemed to work until a couple of days ago and now it won’t load for me. I am not finding any info about the website having any tech issues or if they are upgrading, etc.

I know there are other places to look up domain name info. I am just curious about this one.

It loads: http://whois.net/ and even want to place 4 cookies (which I refused).

the page looks complete enough.

Strange. Let me try again with another browser.

Chrome loads it but it is a little slower. So I waited with Firefox and it did eventually load it. I am not use to waiting that long for it to load.

Thanks for checking. It is probably loading slower because of something at my end then and not theirs.

Working fine here.

Just use a terminal/konsole and use whois or nslookup from the
command line? In Gnome there is a GUI called gnome-nettool as well.

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Thanks for the info. I didn’t realize there was a whois package for Linux. Works great.

interesting, in FF3.0.12, after a long wait it returns: Internal
Server Error–The server encountered an internal error or
misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.

then i switched user agent to report as IE and it returned: Server
Error–The server encountered an internal error and was unable to
complete your request. Could not connect to JRun Server.

Konqueror, Opera and Lynx never connects…

neither ping nor traceroute works

looks broke to me.


That is strange. I wonder why it is doing that.

I just checked and it is not loading again. It has to be at their end after all.

Edit: Firefox just keeps trying to load it as well as Chrome.

As others are trying with different browsers (and levels) i felt obliged to give more detail. Use KDE 3.5 and the Konqureror above belongs to it. But at this moment neither FF nor Konqui load it. Broken site.

I can visit it once, loads fast. When I refresh it takes ages. After removing the cookies, it’s fast again for one visit. This behaviour is in Opera 10.10 beta. No problems on other sites.

AS I never allowed the cookies why doesn’t it load on my second Konqueror try? Strange beast.

If you are interested in where webs sites are located, I use a FF addon called Flagfox which places a flag indicating country of origin in the address bar. Clicking on the flag brings up all sorts of useful information.

> Clicking on the flag brings up all sorts of useful information.

cool…i didn’t know that

btw: whois.net is like greased lightening now…obviously was bad
broke yesterday…(maybe a DOS attack?)


Whois.net is working for me as well now. I probably won’t be using it anymore or much at least. The two programs I will be using now is whois from Konsole and Flagfox.

Thanks again everyone for the tips on programs or add ons that make it easier for me to be nosy :slight_smile:

Installed it. Nice!!!

LOL, I didnt know there was a website until about 2 years ago. I knew about the linux CL one for years tho… :slight_smile:

BTW looks like the website one is changed, used to be just a IP lookup.

Also, the CL one will tell you in full detail of any IP. Specially useful for finding out who may be trying to crack your firewall.

It’s really good place to check the whois info for the particular domain. It’s working good.
Recently i found the whois tool called WhoisXY.com .This is also like whois.net. It also has the domain to ip, DNS Query, Ping test tool.