Who moves packages from 11.1 to 11.2?


Not sure of the exact term, is it “moving”, “porting”, or other. I mean here building the applications rpms for 11.2. For example, if Amarok is available for 11.1, who (opensuse, amarok people, community friends, other) is building the rpms and who puts them in the 11.2 repo?

My question is regarding the package AWN (avant-window-navigator). It is available in both 11.1 and Factory at Software.openSUSE.org

More recent version in Factory. Does this mean once 11.2 will be part of the choices the package will be there?

My problem is since it’s not in 11.2 incomplete-as-of-now repos, I have to either install the Factory or 11.1 rpm or compile from source. So I tried to install from Factory. I got 5-6 dependencies which I could sort out except one. libgnome-desktop2.so.7 (not sure about the “2”) does not exist with 11.2, I have to use .so.11. So I did an “ln -s” to .so.7 and AWN worked. But, when I clicked Preferences is generated errors (I ran from konsole so I saw) that seem to be related with a bad install/package/dependencies and the Preferences window doesn’t load.

So I was just wondering if I need to log a bug for this or it’s just that the package has not been brought up to 11.2 yet, that someone is working on it and I just need to sit down, relax, wait and try with a later release…

tnx :slight_smile:

Current Factory will eventually be used to build the repos for 11.2
It’s part of the Build service

Makes sense. But how can I make sure they are aware something “might” be wrong with that package? If I advise them I had a problem, maybe without my note they wouldn’t have known? Is it just like testing the OS itself like we do and file bugs?

Or should I go on the channel/freenode and chat with them about the issue I encountered?

I don’t want to package something, I want to advise something went wrong with package avant-window-navigator-0.2.6-6.45.x86_64.rpm

Yes and


Got it, tnx :slight_smile: