Who is going to be patient with me..?

OK-I’m not the brightest in relation to Linux Suse, but then I’ve only had it for 3 days! My first problem is finding out how to get my DVD player to play my DVD’s!
My music CD’s are no problem, they show up on the desktop, I click, they open and play!
My DVD’s however, show up on the desktop, I click, “Totem” opens and tells me- “Can’t play this you need to install extensions or plug-ins”
OK - but how? If I click on install plug ins etc, it whisks me off to what seems to be Windows Media Center - and what then…?
I did say - be patient…!

Me…! lol!

Open YaST -> software repositories -> Add(button) -> Community repo (Choose) -> packman -> click finish.

Now in YaST -> software managment -> search for these players (vlc and smplayer) separatly with out brackets. And mark them for installation and after that click Accept button.
After installing all these, you can play your DVDs on any player either VLC or SMPlayer.

Dump totem

Follow this
Multi-media and Restricted Format Installation Guide - openSUSE Forums

Will this work with playing video in Banshee too?

openSUSE 11.2 | SUSE Linux | Beginner’s guide multimedia MP3 DVD codecs 3D nvidia ati wireless wlan wifi rpm kde howto

I installed opensuse for the first time last week since suse 9 I think.

I found that linux very usefull. On the left panel there is a link with a how to install all multimedia codecs, flash and DVD playback, the next page even tells you how to install your video driver. Awesome site!

As I said - you’ll have to be patient with me - and with time I’ll try all the ideas.
It all looks rather technical and complicated, but I’m open to any other suggestions on any other theme, such as (in particular) why- when I “import” photos on the photo work page, it downloads anything up to 6 copies of each photo! Instead of the 3000 odd photos I have on my ext-disk, it downloaded almost 25,000!
Thanks to all once again!

So you got youtube (flash), video codecs and graphics drivers installed?

Hello oxymoron08!
This PC was bought with Linux Suse pre-installed, and sorry - but I’ve got no idea what is installed and what isn’t! How can I find out?

Follow This page through steps 13-15:

openSUSE 11.2 | SUSE Linux | Beginner’s guide multimedia MP3 DVD codecs 3D nvidia ati wireless wlan wifi rpm kde howto

Then try playing a youtube vid, a DVD and an avi.

Sounds like your running SLED then not openSUSE. What is the output

lsb_release -a

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Hello again you patient people!
Well-I’m sorry, but I’ve finally found out that I am apparantly running the version SUSE 10.1 SP1.
This is probably an ancient predecessor, but that’s what they sold me, so I’ll have to make the most of it!
I don’t know if any of you can help me in view of this fact, I’ve already found a sort of guide on “Desktoplinux.com” but it’s not as patient as you guys!
Any other ideas as how to get hold of a sort of “user manual” would be great - frankly I find it ridiculous that none is supplied, and what is supplied is ALL in English, no problem for me, but bearing in mind I bought the thing in France, intended for French users, I don’t know how they get on!
These are probably the little things that put people off trying Linux - shame really!
Anyway-look forward to receivung any pointers, and - PLEASE STAY PATIENT…!
Thank you all!:wink:

iwmpop wrote:

ok…here is exactly what i think you should know and do:

-you bought a new computer with SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 (SLED
10 SP1) installed…
-we here are all about openSUSE, and openSUSE 10.x is no longer supported
-instead, we are mostly all using openSUSE 11.x which should be
considered kinda like BETA software which will lead to (eventually) a
SLED 12 (with SLED 11 already being distributed/sold/supported by Novell)
-very few of the folks here have ever actually run SLED 10
-almost all of the current information in our Wiki is focused on
openSUSE 11.x
-the information we have here may or may NOT work with your system, or
harm your system
-there is, however, another forum of folks dedicated to working with
SLED, they are at forums.novell.com
-i guess there is documentation in French
-there is no such thing as “SUSE 10.1 SP1” there are instead:
–SLED 10 SP1 (supported by Novell)
–openSUSE 10.1, 10.2, 10.3 (no longer supported by anyone)
–SLED 11 (with SPs, supported by Novell)
–openSUSE 11.0, 11.1, 11.2 (supported by "the openSUSE community)
here in these fora and at the wiki

-you may be best served by trying to forget all you ‘learned’ here
-your next post should be to one of the forums listed at
http://forums.novell.com/ (where the ID and password you used here
will also grant entry)
-someone there should be able to explain to you how to get
documentation in several different languages
-someone there should be able to tell you what ‘support’ you should
expect from Novell or the maker/seller of the machine you bought, if any
-your first post there should include the name/brand/model number of
your machine and the fact that it came preloaded with SLED 10 SP1