Who is considered a "Customer" for the purposes of bugzilla.opensuse.org/page.cgi?id=glossary.html#cf_foundby?

bugzilla.opensuse.org/page.cgi?id=glossary.html#cf_foundby has the option to choose “Customer”. Would any user of (Open)SUSE count as a customer in this case, or solely an entity paying for the enterprise version(s)?

I’d like to know so that I know whether to set the bugs that I report as found by a customer or to leave the field blank.

No need for you to fill this field as everything needed is described here
and here

The advanced editor is most likely for developers who already know what they are doing and if there is a business impact or something else for the SUSE versions…

All fields for normal users that are needed have a red star…

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Although there’s no need,