Whitescreen after login

Hi all,

(Suse11.1) After I login to one of my accounts (others work fine), I get a whitescreen where it is impossible to do anything.

I think it has to do with the last time I was in the account I accidently killed gnome-wm. (Which makes for an interesting browsing experience if you want to try ;))

I figured that by going to one of the consoles (<cnt><alt>F?) and restarting, the problem would be fixed. However, it’s not!

I think the following message in the logs may give a hint as to the issue…

WARNING: Application ‘gnome-wm.desktop’ failed to register before timeout

Can someone tell me how to get gnome-wm back up and running?


Try hitting alt-F2 it might bring you the run command and type metacity or maybe nautilus see if it will work.