White screen (ATI Driver)

i’m a newbie with Open SUSE (and the other Linux stuff).
I installed a ATI Driver but after reboot there is a white screen…

I’ve read about a terminal and commands like “su-”, but after alt+ctrl+F1 no commands work. Their is written that they are invalid, I think I typing it false.

So I need help!!!:\

wrong section,moved to Applications


open terminal, type “su” without quotes and provide administrator password.
Thenm, type “sax2 -r -m 0=fglrx” (without quotes).

When done, press ctrl+alt+backspace(twice) and login again
Then should work.

thanks for your help…the commands work and i had save the setting in the grafic window, but after reboot their was the same problem.
My problem is that i have many boot devices, as i chose the Open SUSE with the (default) on the end, the problem was fixed…

How can I get only one SUSE and one Windows boot?:shame:

Go to Yast, system -> boot loader

Edit it, and kill whatever you dont want. That is about easiest it can get.