White screen after login screen

This is the 2nd time this has happened. I installed 11.1 & 11.2 later. After the install I would get the login screen just fine and then when it starts running everything goes white. It is an issue with compiz and my graphics I assume. The interesting part is in opensuse 11.0 I had all compiz items not installed. When I installed 11.1 & 11.2 they reinstalled. For next time is there a way to not have these installed on the install?

What I had to do was login in a different session other than Gnome. Then go into yast and remove compiz. Then logout and log back in with gnome and the white screen is gone.

Compiz does not install in a kde4 install in 11.2
kde4 does not need compiz for effects and there is a kde pure package to hold it true
Perhaps a pure kde system is a solution?

Is ATI involved here?

A unichrome involvement.

Is there an option of adding KDE to my system? Is it similar to adding kde in ubuntu? Where when I’m done, at start up I can choose if I want to run KDE or Gnome?

When I logged in to change the white screen earlier, I used IceWm instead of logging in Gnome, to be able to remove compiz.

Software Management
Filter by Patterns
Check kde-desktop, kde-base


Make sure you have auto login disabled
Disable Auto-Login - openSUSE Forums

kdebase3 (the kde core components)

is all I need and is that the most current KDE desktop?

Install in yast. Restart and I can chose between Gnome, KDE & etc, and make sure to have automatic login turned off. Will I have to reconfigure wireless, printing, sound & etc.?

What version of suse are you using
I was assuming this was kde4 and that was what you required.
No re-configuring required (normally), well I never have had to.

Opensuse 11.2 32 bit

So I didn’t want to assume, but then KDEbase4 (The base kde apps) is the newer version?

There is no kde3 patterns in 11.2 only kde4
as I said select kde4-base, kde4-desktop

select one and it will auto select the other and more for you anyway.

I installed KDE4 base and what ever it suggested and kdedesktop themes, I am unable to select kde at startup.

Is that because I have to install all kdebase 4 packages? i.e. nsplugin, runtime-branding-upstream, session, wallpapers, workspace-branding-upstream, workspace-devel, workspace-google-gadgets

Check you did this and do it again if ain’t working


Then at the login select kde

Sorry I had to change my screen in yast to patterns instead of groups.

Is this the most minimalist way to install KDE. The only reason is, I run suse on a old laptop with a duel boot so my space is limited. I have little room in home and about 10 gb in /.

If you were at the point where you had a new install of gnome say and you wanted kde
The way I show to do, that’s it. It would be possible to remove some packages, things like the odd game it installs. But what you get is only a basic kde offering.

Thanks updates went smooth. I like the KDE setup. I was turned away years ago by Ubuntu’s 8.04 KDE, it wasn’t as aesthetically nice as Opensuse’s 11.2. I’m not sure if KDE has evolved so much since then or Opensuse makes it work better, but it’s a nice change. I might be a KDE switcher if I can get some simple configuration issues figured out.

KDE4 uses some new concepts and contructs. Here is a good place to start

An Introduction to KDE

gogalthorp thanks for the link. caf4926 thanks for the patience, it paid off well on my end. Switching to KDE fixed my sound issue that I was having with pulseaudio and Gnome.

I’ll be a little rude here, but I have a same/similar problem, on my 11.2 64bit version of openSUSE with nVidia graphic card 8600GT. Yesterday I’ve ran update via zypper and it installed kde 4.5.4, as I didn’t logout till late in the night, just now I’ve discovered that when I login into kde everything is white, I get normal notification that yakuake is started but nothing else, today’s updates didn’t solve the problem.
Any hints on how to fix this?

Really, I advise you start a new thread.
But my first advice at this point would be to see if you can login with IceWM

ok, I’ve opened a new thread
KDE 4.5.4 white screen on login, plus more problems