Whiny noise when CPU idle on Latitude C600

Running OpenSuse 11.0 on a Latitude C600.
When the CPU is idle it makes a whiny noise around where the powersupply comes in,
If the CPU is busy the noise goes away.
Checked in YAST, CPU throttling is turned off.
Checked in Internet, C600 has a similar problem running fedora. This is from linuxquestions.org

“With your analysis of the problem I was able to remove the noise by using the “apm=idle-threshold=100” parameter on the kernel commandline. This turns off APM idle calls without requiring kernel recompilation.”

Is there a similar tweak for OpenSuse via YAST or other?


you can just try booting and when the first green boot screen comes up
just type that apm=idle-threshold=100 into the space and hit
enter…if it works then you can add it via YaST…come back and ask

or better yet, use the forums advanced search function to find YaST

it is just a matter of editing/adding that apm=idle-threshold=100 to
the right line(s) in the yast bootloader


I didn’t see a place to enter kernel options at boot.

But I did upgrade from 11.0 to 11.1 which went smoothly. And with that the whiny noise went away (replaced by a quieter yet somewhat noticable other beat in the system that you could play music to.)