Which wireless USB device to buy

I have installed and do maintain openSUSE on a friends PC. She now has a THOMSON SpeedTouch 121g Wireless USB Adapter in the system which I got working using ndiswrapper a few years ago (after much trouble) on 10.0 and I repeated that (much easier) on 10.3.

Since a few weeks the device will not connect from time to time. rcnetwork restart will also fail. The occasions that it will connect are getting fewer and sometimes connection will be lost during the session. She still has (a never used) XP multiboot possibility and this mostly connects, but very weak. In other words I think the hardware on either the USB dongle or the router is going bad.

My idea is bying a new USB wireless device. I would of course like to have one that works out of the box, preferable without ndiswrapper and no firmware loading. Should work with 10.3, I will switch her system to 11.2 in a few months after I used it myself for some time.

I looked of course in the HCL, but that, as most of the stickys and threads here, are more about how a device that one has can be made functioning, then telling you what device to prefer.

In the local shop they have the Eminent EM4554 wBus 150N and on the box (and their website) they say that it wrks with Linux. But I cannot find much references for it on the web. Maybe someone has expirience here that she/he wants to share.

I also saw a Belkin USB Wifi F5D7050 in Intenet shops. The HCL is favorable, the driver is in the OS repo and then configuration through YaST would work. Any comments?


Thanks in advance.