Which video card?

A friend is building a computer. His intent is to run openSUSE (Yeah… I’m responsible for that!). Obviously, he’s not really a gamer yet wants to have very quick screen response to programs like gimp, youtube, netflix and just anything that moves on the screen. Right now he’s going to be 1080p but will most likely go with 4k in the near future.
He has asked me for a recommendation for a video card. I have no idea how to answer. :shame: I’m using a NVidea 980 with two 1080p monitors but really think it’s more card than I need. What say you all? What’ll I tell my friend considering I’d like to keep him as a friend?


You need to know the budget ?
And also the other hardware components ?

A reasonable request! I should have included it at the beginning. It’ll be a MSI motherboard that compares to the processor. Processor will be an Intel either the 7820 with 8 cores at 3.6G or the 7900X with 10 cores at 3.3G. All drives will be SSDs and the monitor will most likely be 34 inch 3440 x 1440 with high refresh rates for now. Pretty much top line and price isn’t too big a factor, however he want’s to future proof it as much as possible.


MSI Geforce GTX 1050Ti or + based on what you want to spend

My 2 core G4600 also has Intel® HD Graphics 630 as the 7820, and all the power and speed I need for 3 displays, one of which is 3840x2160 4K. Assuming the 7820 is your choice, maybe you should see how its video works before assuming a separate gfxcard is necessary. Intel video is a lot simpler to keep up to date than the proprietary drivers NVidia users seem devoted to.