Which video card would you pick?

I was trying to decide which laptop to go with and the deciding factor is going to be the video card. How much difference would there be and which would you pick:

Both Nvidia

9800M GT with 512 DDR3


9600M GT with 1Gb DDR3

Thanks guys!

A very nice site to check out how good a GPU/videocard performs:
Notebookcheck: Comparison of Graphic Cards

As you can see the 9600M GT only makes it to ‘class 2’ where as the 9800M GT is all the way up in ‘class 1’.
There should be quite a price difference to?

Performance the 9800 wins hands down, it must however be quite a bit more expensive? Or did the *overkill amount of memory put the 9600M in the same price range?

*Any game that requires such a massive amount of videocard memory is going to run like crap on a 9600M anyways. Not aware of any other software that would gain much from it either.

There is about a $200 difference. But the more expensive computer also has slightly larger screen and keypad on the side of the keyboard and looks a bit nicer in my opinion. I am trying to decide between the Asus G50VT-X1($950) and the X83VM-X1($750) from best buy.

Great link too, thanks!!