which version to use with fujutsu tablet pc st5021

i am investigating the opensuse option for my tablet pc.
which version of opensuse will work best on this tablet.
the relevant specs are: 1.1 ghz, 1.5gb ram, 40gb hdd, wacom penabled display.

as that seams to be a 32bit machine with 512MB ram your only choice is TW (there is no 32bit LEAP)
don’t use any of the “big” desktops as I doubt plasma 5 or gnome would work on such powerless hardware
another thing to consider is the availability of drivers for such hardware TW with lxde or lxqt should work but …
I’d suggest you download the current live TW image and see if it works
pick one of the following
make a bootable usb with if on windows use rufusin dd_mode (press alt+i to activate it) or if you have access to a linux machine use dd
keep in mind there doesn’t seam to be a live iso with a light desktop so booting to kde or gnome will take a long time but if the hardware works you can install lxqt or lxde from the image and use those