Which version of EasyBCD for dual boot?

I’d quite happily been running a dual boot system of 64-bit Vista and OpenSuse 11.3, using EasyBCD to manage the boot. I can’t recall which version of EasyBCD it was…

Here’s my problem.

Earlier this week I rebooted my system from Linux into Windows. I’d been copying stuff from a USB stick. The stick only contained data and no boot stuff etc. The stick was left plugged in and when it came to reboot, my PC started complaining about GRUB. I have absolutely no idea what happened.

After trying numerous things (e.g. restoring the MBR from a backup) to get Windows or Linux booting up again I gave up and went for the tried and tested option – a reinstall of both Vista and Linux. I’d done backups a few days earlier so would lose nothing except time and effort.

So got Vista on the go on one disk (and it was less tardy; there’s a surprise).

I then installed a minimal OpenSuse 11.3 on my second disk and set it up as per my working system i.e. GRUB on bootsector of root partition.

Rebooted to Windows, installed EasyBCD 2.02, chose the GRUB on the root partition for the Linux boot, rebooted, chose the Linux option and get put into a DOS4GRUB screen.

I cannot get EasyBCD to boot up Linux. Now, I had this same problem with some version of EasyBCD and going to some beta version of EasyBCD was the answer.

So, I have two questions:

o which version of EasyBCD will boot Linux (2.02 doesn’t for me)
o why on earth has OpenSuse 11.3 removed the ability to boot an installed system from the DVD? I am severely uncomfortable with that missing. It’s a much-needed safety net.

I have never used easyBCD, it seems like a complication over grub’s simple boot management.
If easyBCD is not working, maybe you should ask the makers of easyBCD?

Supergrubdisk is known to boot loads of OS’s, have you tried that.