which setup for new server

Hello everyone,

I thought I might try it the way for dummies and just give it a go in the hope there are people out here just having fun in setting up a virtual server. So here is me luxurious problem: A family of five in the 21st century,

2 x Android Tablets
2 x iphone 4
1 x win 7.8 phone
1 x Android phone
1 x Laptop win 7 ultimate
1 x Desktop win 8
1 x Desktop win 7
1 x hp N40 L microserver freenas und Plex
1 x hp DL380 G5 win2012 r2 server for stata
1 x hp dl dl365 g1 suse 13.1 with virtualbox for div. mat. programmes (r, sage)
1 x wireless Router
1 x Dell 24 prt Switch
1 x hp msa 50 enclosure

Spread about all the different appliances are data, music, pictures and movies which I want to consolidate. Wife and children would like to access their data, pictures from school or work as well and even on the move with siri. One additional obstacle is we are living abroad but the extendet family in Germany. They would like to access our server as well, hence the plex server. But everything we have now is to slow and to heterogeneous.

So I have bought a HP dl160 G6 from scrap, pepped it up with 100 Gig Ram and 11 TB HD, 2 x 5640 cpu, 1 p212 controller and 4xgig nic , all firmware and drivers are latest and dvd rw and 250 gb ssd installed for Suse 13.1 with virtualbox. The HP 40l is intended to run as Iscsi Datastore with 4 x 2TB Hds freenas.

That is where I am now, wondering if someone has undertaken a similar project and has some helpfull advice as to set the whole thing up. Critical points are network topology, encryption because of the security issues and hardware pass through because I don’t have a clue about it.

Thanks for reading and all help will be appreciated.


Hua! and I’ have been hide my HW setup at home. Some information released here.

I don’t have to much usage of IOS. I don’t like it. My personal reflection.

Sins 2000 I have a go for a main server fronting to I-net at home working abroad. 2009 a major update in HW. Still working. Using for VirtualBox Pc’s among outer things.

you are right on tracklol!.