Which SATA driver for Intel H61 ?

Have a new system for building my farm:

Asus Velocity,
(Desktop Barebone),
model: V6-P8H61E,
Intel Core i3 processor,
Intel H61 Express chipset.

Lot of modules available:

Marvell, Pacific Digital, Promise, NVIDEA,
Silicon Image, Silicon Integrated Systems,
ULi Electronics, VIA, Vitesse, K2 and Areca.
Only need optimum performance with cdrom (no media).

Any suggestions before i go in try-outs ?
thanks in advance & kind regards,

On 10/12/2012 01:56 PM, Digibeet wrote:
> Any suggestions before i go in try-outs ?

-=welcome=- new poster…please next time tell us more about your Linux
experience…if this is your first nibble in Linux say so, and we have
lots to “suggestions” for you to consider…

until then: use an openSUSE 12.2 live CD to see if it can correctly find
the SATA driver for your hardware…