Which repository voor phpmyadmin in 11.3?

I want to install phpmyadmin. I am looking for the easyiest way. I cannot find it trough Yast yet. :’(

Go to software.opensuse.org, and click on the search button on the right hand side and then fill in the search form. There should be quite a few hits, some of them one-click installs.

BTW: 11.3? Do you mean 10.3 or perhaps 11.1?

Well, if you’re looking for phpadmin in openSUSE 11.3, you probably won’t have much luck. AFAIK, that’s still in the planning stages, if even that :slight_smile:

Okay. I managed the install. I found the open sUSE build service. The 1-Click Install worked.:slight_smile:

Sorry, 11.3 lol! And thanks!

YEP! Cough… Cough…sigh