Which repository do I require to install cowsay

I have tried to install cowsay put it is not found in the package name.

Which repository do I need to add to my repository list?

Did you try here: http://software.opensuse.org/search

I ask this rather obvious thing because you say you could not find it, but you failed to tell what you tried or whjere you searched. Also you failed to tell which version of openSUSE this is for.

As Henk says, go to http://opensuse.org and enter “cowsay” into the seach box. You will be presented with two options, 1) cowsay (for terminal mode) and 2) xcowsay (for your desktop). Click on “Show unstable packages”, click ‘continue’ in popup box, select one of the two by clicking on it’s “1 Click Install” button and follow the instructions. Afterword’s, you can go into Yast and delete that particular repo if you so desire.

Great answers. Thank you both for your help.