Which program language is best for a beginner?

Hi all!! I am trying to learn or want to learn a programming language but I’m not quite sure which I should start off with. Oh So you know my history, I have very limited experience with Visual Basic and thats about it…maybe dabbled in C++ a bit but not much. Anywho, I was just curious if there is an easy programming language that would help me to build good fundamentals and fun to mess around with. Oh oh, I am a GUI person so if there is a program I could download or some sort of text editor that would be great. anyhow, any suggestions would be great.


Think you’ll find many different opinions.

As a dabbler myself competent in none but playing with a few.
I found I tend to drift towards python I’ve seen some suggestions for Java(One I haven’t played with)

So I tend to find I play with python mixing it up with some of the web languages like php, html, css etc.

Then doing the odd bit of bash what I find is they all sort of help and make you understand you may have to find that languages peculiarities.

For GUI you have Glade and Qt Designer.

You may even find /usr/bin/designer already installed at least that is where it is here. They are probably the main 2 widgets as in GTK and QT.

As for language to connect to them I would imagine there is a variety I’ve only dipped my toes with python.

As for IDE’s think it depends on desktop environment and language, eclipse and kdevelop come to mind, there’s a gnome one I’ve forgotten. Though I tend to use kate myself just a text editor. Though I see many recommendations for vi/vim with its wealth of plugins, but that does have a learning curve.

I think C is the best language to learn if you want to get a good grasp of programming. I would buy the Kernigan/Ritchie ANSI C book.

It depends on what you want to do. If you want to do scripting stuff then Perl/Python are all good. VB/VB Script on Windows

If you want to develop desktop applications you might learn C/C++/Java

If you want to develop web applications you might learn PHP/Java/Perl-CGI/Ruby or ASP if you are on Windows.

KWrite is a good editor for Suse, or Emacs…
Textpad is a good editor for Windows.

Thanks all for the help. I decided to start by learning c++ and was wondering if you all know of any beginners guides on line that I could read? The more simplistic the better :stuck_out_tongue: . Thanks again for all your help!

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For a quick overview and some links to start learning:


Good luck.

RobertQQ wrote:
| Thanks all for the help. I decided to start by learning c++ and was
| wondering if you all know of any beginners guides on line that I could
| read? The more simplistic the better :stuck_out_tongue: . Thanks again for all your
| help!
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This might be a bit superfluous, but try to get some material on programming languages in general. To learn things like if-then-else constructs, functions/subroutines, for/while loops loops, etc. They are central to any programming laguage. When one understands these one can at least find in any language their (good or bad) implementations and get an AHA!

Try to teach yourself good programming habbits (documenting is not the least among them). In every lanuguage choose a layout to emphasize constructs and stick to it. This consequent behavior will make programs much more understandeble for you (in the future) and for others.

And one will learn every time new things and tricks, this never stops. But do not be too tricky or you will not understand your own program after a year or so. Looking into otherones code will teach you things and in a short time you wil find things that should have been done another way!

Success in the wondefull world of programming.

cool…Thanks everyone! :smiley:

Oh oh, one last thing. do you all know of a site with instructions on downloading a c++ compiler and ide for opensuse 11.0 . Thanks again for all your help!!

The c++ compiler is in the normal OSS repo. So starr YaST > software >> software Management and search for c++.

Good Luck!

In my Opinion C++ is one of the most complicated modern High Level Languages. So if your hung up, take a break and switch to C.

Well I’d say go for the free M$ visual studio express 2008 with C#, that is a really well liked language in the current market and there are TONS of tutorials/videos/ebooks for it.


I am going to say that C++ is probably not the best language to start off on due to its concepts of O-O and its C style file structure. I personally moved from VB to java as my first step. I highly recommend this, because java has plenty of documentation as well as a glorious api. I have heard that python is a great language to start off on as well.

If you want to learn how a computer really works, I would have to agree that C is the best way to go.

Best of luck to ya