which kernel version for 11.1

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I wondered if Linux 2.6.28 will be in OpenSuse 11.1

11.1 uses 2.6.27 because that was current when the software was frozen for the release. Generally a release will not update the kernel version throughout its support life to avoid any adverse side-effects from such a change. (A difference in the third number can mean a lot in 2.6 kernels.) Security fixes are backported to the kernel version used in the release.

You can always compile your own.

Ken_yap is right on.

ftp://ftp.suse.com/pub/projects/kernel/kotd/v2.6.28-staging/x86_64/ latest work is 12/25/08 ATM

On 5FEB you could load a separate test install of 11.2 Alpha 0 and 2.6.28 should soon be available for testing. Warning, it may be fairly rough – like command line to start.

thank you both very much for this information; I will await its integration into a standard release! (and contentedly go on using what I am using)