Which Image Host do you use, and why?

Which Image Host do you use, and why?..
I currently use photobucket, but it has lately got too big for its boots, and to be more fiddly to use than in the past. Which do you use, and why?
I mainly use for screenshots etc, posting to forums, sharing with friends. Simple and fast are my main req’s

Imagebam mostly
It’s uncomplicated, quick and easy to use.

+1 imagebam

Used to use imageshack but very often, it’s slow and unresponsive

1 vote for imagebam.
Simply its easy to use.

/Data/Pix on knurpht-tux :slight_smile:

(don’t use image hosts, my own system is my image host)

> (don’t use image hosts, my own system is my image host)

i use ImageBam sometimes, but mostly i use my own like:

because i don’t have to be concerned with the ‘free’ one being loading
down with ads, or becoming non-free, or wanting to enforce their
idea of what is politically correct and/or not okay, etc

Have a lot of fun…

+1 Imagebam. Not any special reason. It’s fast and i haven’t got any problems with it so far.

For me here in the US its Imageshack:
ImageShack® - Image Hosting
They have a subscription service & a free one I use & have used their service since 2004.


Imageshack is horrible imo, popup ad…

I use imagebam under windows as it’s relatively ‘clean’ for ‘family-safe’ images… it’s horrible if you mark something as adult though, also nets you some porn popup. (porn is not exactly the first thing that pops into my head when I post something that I don’t consider family safe).

Under openSUSE I mostly use imagebin.com as the plasmoid that is installed with KDE by default sets that up as its default image host… and that plasmoid is just brilliant.
Set up printscreen to launch KSnapShot and then drag the preview it gives to the plasmoid… it will be uploaded and the link is one click away :slight_smile:

ImageBanana,because it’s faster than the US hosters in europe. :wink:

I use SmugMug. It’s not free, but it does everything I need. It’s very customizable. I like the fact that I can upload my full size pictures, and it doesn’t degrade the image quality when it creates the different view sizes. My photos just look better there than anywhere else that I have tried.

Wilson Phillips, Photography, Natchez Mississippi, Kentwood Louisiana- powered by SmugMug

imageshack mostly, its not perfect but still much better then photofukit :smiley:

I use a ton of different image hosting:
imageshack even because i like photography
When an image hosting don’t go i use another.

While for gallery i use:
picasa, photoshop.com, imageshack,sigmirror,skydrive
because seem they don’t delete the image (i’m not sure about imageshack).